Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jazi Fun!

Hi Everybody,

What a fun day I had yesterday. I was at Jazi Crafts in Oceanside for the second annual Artist Retreat. The theme this year was "Whimsy". Michelle Peard (such a talent!) and I teamed up to help our participants make a very whimsical holiday keepsake project. Everyone arrived at the store at 9:30 and received their goody bags and had breakfast(yum). Fortified, half the group began in the "Gilded Cage" workspace making a really awesome 6 X 6 Acrylic book designed by Michelle and the other half began in the "Igloo" workspace making a whole bunch of cards, gift tags and bookmarks designed my me. All these things fit into pockets on each page of the book. After a Delicious lunch (yum yum) the groups switched workrooms to complete their project. All day long, whoops of joy echoed through the store as door prizes were awarded (I'm pretty sure everybody got a prize!). Goodies were distributed all day long including ice cream sundaes(yum yum yum)in the afternoon. I truly had a blast. It was a pleasure spending the day with such a fun group. Thanks to David and Michelle Jackson and the staff at Jazi Crafts for making the day so memorable! Can't wait for the next retreat!

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