Monday, December 1, 2008

Squared Away winners

Thanks to all who participated in this challenge. Special thanks to the three talented ladies represented left to right below: Kathie McGuire, Birgit Edblom & Tammy Joyce.

Tammy Joyce
This is my favorite nostalgic entry. Tammy’s card evokes a memory of a time gone by. Before we had access to today’s wonderful array of craft supplies, we made things with what we had around the house. Tammy’s card has a delightfully cheery homemade quality, which I love. Well done Tammy!

Birgit Edblom
This gorgeous card in cool shades of blue and white is my favorite composition in the group. Its simple look employs many sophisticated design principles. Notice how Birgit placed the flower on a plain blue background, which is counterbalanced by the four striped panels on the left. She also did a neat balancing act with the two different kinds of ribbon. Finally, the understated use of one triangular piece in the upper right guides the eye back to the heart of the composition, the subtly embellished flower. Well Done Birgit!

Kathie McGuire
This is two in a row for Kathie. The sheer exuberance of this card made me laugh out loud. Just look at those little butterflies escaping the pot. What a fun card this is! Once again, Kathie’s workmanship is impeccable. It’s not easy giving a static medium spontaneity but she has. Well done Kathie!

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