Sunday, March 22, 2009

Going to Zeist

Hi Everyone,
We are preparing for our trip to The Netherlands next week. This will be our second trip to the ArtSpecially stamp convention in Zeist. I had lots of fun last year but this year will be even better because Carla is coming too! The picture is of the badges I mailed to all the EnjoyMichaelStrongstamps Yahoo group members who will be attending. I want to be able to see them from across the room! Do you think they're bright enough?
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lilacanglia said...

I think they are super,
what a treat for the people from the group that are going,
good luck and hope you meet many of the group,
alas to far for me to travel

4nancie said...

They are Fantastic! I hope you have a great Trip.

Anesha said...

I wish I was going this year. We moved back to the UK so it's not as easy as when we lived in Holland. Have a great time.

Heidi said...

See you in Zeist.I am going to the event.

Anonymous said...

I saw stampers with it at the event ! And wondered wether who had made them..
I bought some of your lovely stamps at the event and am enjoying them very much ! They are so great for embossing.
greetings from The Hague, The Netherlands