Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Serendipity winners!

Hi Everyone,

We're home from our fabulous trip to The Netherlands. We had a ball. It must be against the law to be crabby in Holland because we met nothing but cheerful people there. My first job since I've been home is to post the winners from our last card challenge, Serendipity. Here they are.

Hetty from Aalsmeer, Netherlands
This is Hetty's accordion tag version of a card. It's so well made and with the loveliest colors. The "leftovers" are integrated well with the purposely stamped parts. It's one of those cards that lets you look at it over and over to see something new every time. Well done Hetty!

Lynn from Nova Scotia, Canada

Here's Lynn's card/puzzle. Isn't this clever. It's so much fun to count the birds. Some of them are really had to see because she made them blend in with the background. I know Lynn stepped out of her comfort zone on this one and I'm glad she did. Well done Lynn!

Beth from Texas, USA

This has been one of my favorites since Beth posted it. First, I love the grid idea and second the colors are beautiful. There are so many different collage elements in each little square, it's really like nine little masterpieces on one card. Well done Beth!
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