Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colored Pencil Card Winners!

We had some wonderful entries this month and I want to thank everyone who submitted a card. I know this can be a challenging medium but you all did a magnificent job! The three winning artists, as chosen by a blue ribbon panel of judges, (Carla & me) are two new members and one original member Judy Inukai, Martha Bickford and Shirley Rodriguez. Congratulations ladies!

Judy Inukai (left)
We chose Judy's card because of her vibrant use of bold color. I think she might have gotten a cramp in her hand from pressing hard on her pencils! I know I've experienced that. To get really intense color you just have to dig in. As you can see Judy's card is also a love poem to her "honey". We admired her simple yet elegant composition and her clever use of vellum. Well done Judy!

Martha Bickford (center)
Displayed on the little easel is Martha's charming entry. She has captured our slumbering cat in mid-dream. Little does Martha know that our Stella, loves cheese but alas never gets the opportunity to try mice! Again, color played a big part in making this card so special. The pleasing palette of grays and oranges is unexpected but works wonderfully well. Please take note of Martha's subtle use of shading in the foreground. Well done Martha!

Shirley Rodriguez (right)
Can you imagine a prettier thank you card? Shirley has combined several techniques here to make a lovely composition. The subtle embossed background showcases the foreground elements. Notice how Shirley keep your eye moving around the picture plane starting with the little butterfly in the lower left peeking from behind the large tulip which points to the companion butterfly which leads down to the little bluebird and eventually to the message in the lower right. Shirley's use of soft pinks in the blossoms is beautifully executed. Well done Shirley!

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