Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Asian Card Winners

Here are the winners of the Asian Theme card challenge at EnjoyMichaelStrongStamps Yahoo Group.. They are, from top to bottom, Hetty Sanders, Leo Thompson & Kathie McGuire.

Hetty- The Netherlands
Our energetic leader has created a stunning beauty. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s innovative too. Hetty has created quite a stir with her recycled Tyvek envelope technique! The fans that decorate the outside of her exuberant card are beautiful and environmentally sensitive. In the open position, her balanced composition creates a pleasing sense of serenity. Well done Hetty!

Leo-United Kingdom
I loved Leo’s card from the moment I saw it. She has created a fascinating composition that instantly transported me away. I imagine we are inside a Japanese palace gazing out over an expanse of water to Mt. Fuji. We are looking through a finely wrought metal grill hand crafted by master artisans! Silk curtains separate the panels of the window and there are golden treasures partially hidden behind them. Well done Leo!

Once again, Kathie has produced a card that is also a superb art piece. She has used the triple fold form to display an array of Asian elements that are diverse yet harmonious, a difficult feat to achieve. Look carefully at the large fan. Have you noticed that it opens and closes? It’s that extra attention to detail that propels Kathie’s work into another dimension. Well done Kathie!

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Daria said...

Congratulations to Hetty, Leo, and Kathy. These are wonderful cards.