Monday, February 1, 2010

Pocket card winners!

Here are the winning entries in the January 2010 card challenge. They are from left to right Carole Meisenhelter, Gwen Jaeger and Heidi Wegman.

Carole Meisterhelter, NSW Australia
Spring is definitely in the air on Carole's card! Just pick a poesy from the little blue pot with double pockets. This card is just so cheerful you can't help but smile when you see it. I love the way Carole colored the flowers and added the center pop of sparkle to each one. Well done Carole!

Gwen Jaeger, Illinois USA
Exuberant is the word for Gwen's card! She picked just the right paper to make the pockets. The sprightly paisleys are a blast from the past when everything and everyone was covered in the colorful little amoebas. Pull out a bookmark and hook it to the pages of a good book from the age of Aquarius. Well done Gwen!

Heidi Wegman, Ottawa Canada
What can I say about this clever entry from our friend Heidi. Her card says "smile" and we do so automatically. Heidi has fashioned a mother Kangaroo from several MSRS and then duplicated it using the mini versions to make the little joey who has hopped out of her pocket to wave hello. Well done Heidi for the second time in a row!
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Carole M. said...

Thanks Mike; such a fabulous surprise to learn just now I am a winner. I loved working with this pocket card challenge and your Cloisonne Flower stamps superbly; is just great for the batik-technique I used to colour with.

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