Friday, September 3, 2010

Tie Dye Challenge Winners!

Here are the winners of the tie dye card challenge. They are from left to right, Diana Enns, Heidi Wegman and Jacquie Woolz.

Diana Enns - South Dakota USA
As always, Diana made an interesting card with lots to look at yet well composed. She also did something interesting with her tie dyed background, she shredded it. The edges have been pulled or combed giving it a softness I didn't think to try. Well done Diana!

Heidi Wegman - Ottawa Canada
Here is our Heidi again with another winner. This time Heidi won for her resourcefulness as well as her ability to create a charming Halloween card. In her haste to dry her tie dyed background she used a heat tool which burned parts of the cloth. Instead of throwing it out and starting over she incorporated it into her design as a spooky twilight sky. Well done Heidi!

Jacquie Woolz - California USA

The best interpretation of the theme as well as one of the prettiest cards entered is Jacquie's simple yet dynamic feather arrangement. The traditional composition is enhanced and loosened up by the wonderfully chaotic pattern of the background cloth. Well done Jacquie!
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Julie said...

Congrats to the winners and to my CS friend Diana! WOO HOO!