Monday, November 15, 2010

Silver Lights

We are getting ready for our Daughter
Amanda's wedding early next year so I thought I'd share an idea for
table lights with you.
Amanda's wedding colors are silver and purple. Here's how to make
these simple votive candle holders.

Silver metallic cardstock
paper trimmer
scoring tool


Using your paper trimmer, cut ten 2" x 2" squares and
one 11" x 1/4" strip.
Arrange five squares in a cross pattern with a scant 1/16" between
each square as shown.
Tape the squares together making sure to maintain the 1/16" space
between each one.
Glue five more 2" squares on top of the taped ones to hide the tape.
Score the 11" strip at 2 1/4" inch intervals. Fold and glue to make
a shallow frame
measuring 2 1/4" on each side. Fold up the sides of the votive and
place inside the frame as shown.
The sides will lay open at an approximate 30 degree angle on each side.
Insert a candle in a glass holder.
Decorate the sides as you wish. I used my new alphabet stamps to add
monograms for Amanda and Max to each side.
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mary l said...

Pretty little tea lights, Mike.
Best wishes to your daughter & her husband to be, as well as the Father & Mother of the bride.

mary l.

cgl1539 said...

Just gorgeous and so simple,I really like this. Have you noticed your September candy did finally make it to 50.

Trena in Naperville said...

Beautiful in gold! How exciting - your first child getting married! Best wishes and Blessings to the happy couple and parents!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Farley said...

As always Michael, just stunning.

Inge said...

Brilliant idea, Mike!

Daria said...

They look beautiful and elegant. I like the colors your daughter and her fiance chose.

carrie said...

Wow! What an elegant way to have candlelight on the table. I will have to share this idea with the girl my son is going to marry next fall. Congratulations to your daughter.