Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to make paper California Poppies

Here's what you will need to make paper California Poppies:
Orange paper or light weight cardstock
Dark green cardstock
Gold metallic cardstock
Paper punches as shown (you can also draw the shapes you see and cut them out with scissors)
Red dye ink pad
Paper punch (to make the holes in the flowers and the leaves)
White glue

Ink one side of the orange paper with the red ink pad. Punch out (or draw) two large flowers (approx. 3" across).
Punch out or draw two ruffled round shapes from the dark green cardstock.These will become the leaves around the flower.
Punch out (or draw) two sunburst shapes from the gold cardstock. These will be inside each flower.
Fold two pieces of green cardstock measuring 2" x 5" in half lengthwise. Using scissors, cut through both sides of the folded piece close to the fold to make two sturdy stems as shown.
Punch a small hole in the center of each flower and each ruffled round shape as shown.
Shape the flowers. I started by placing the flower inked side down on the tip of a Viva Decor Pearl Pen and pushing the petals down around the pen. I then shaped the flowers with my fingers by pressing the flowers tightly into cone shapes as shown.
Open the flowers up.
Flatten out the tips of the two stems and put white glue on each flattened tip.
Insert each stem into the flowers and pull them through the holes in the center of each flower.
Press the flattened stem tip inside the base of the flower to secure the stem.
Put a little white glue on the outside base of each flower and slide the ruffled green shape up the stem until it surrounds the base of the flower.
add the little gold sunburst shape inside each flower to hide the glued stem tip.
Shape the petals with your fingers to give them a more natural look. 
TIP: you can easily shape the gold sunburst and the green ruffled shape by placing them in the palm of your hand and pressing the center with the cap of the Pearl Pen. I used the Viva Decor gold pearl pen to accent the finished card with a sprinkling of gold nuggets.

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