Monday, March 25, 2013

Splash Ink is fun!


My friend Karen Thomas has developed a great new product called Splash Ink. I taught several classes using it last week. In additional to its great watercolor-like properties which gives you beautiful detailed coloring abilities, you can also use it like this:

Drip the Splash Ink randomly onto regular white cardstock using all four colors in the set or just the ones you want. Place a plastic lunch bag on top of the wet ink and squish it around. Peel off the plastic bag and squish it again on a new sheet of cardstock for a more subtle effect. The ink dries quickly so you can emboss right on top and make some super pretty and colorful cards. Use the left over bits to punch out a few flowers as shown in the finished card. Fun and addictive!
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MaxineD said...

love it - where are these being marketed?

Hetty said...

Bring it, Mike! This is looking fabulous! said...

Beautiful and colorful!! Leave it to Karen!

CraftyRia said...

That is very cool! I want to try it.

I miss seeing you and Karen Thomas on the Carol Duvall show. Heck, I totally miss the Carol Duvall Show.

Jan Castle said...

Wonderful!!!! Great idea and so easy! TFS
Paper Hugs,