Thursday, May 25, 2017

Playing with Geometry (again)

While I am waiting for my new set of Panda stamps to be manufactured, I've been playing with geometry again with my Cloisonne Cube design. I admit I'm obsessed by the possibilities of cutting and pasting these segments together in different ways to form interesting patterns. I think I will  have these made into a stamps also. here are a few cards I made using the two sizes of the cube.


Betsy Wilson CZT said...

OMG this is too coincidental! I love serindipity! You've got to check out my most recent blog post! I'm fixated on puzzling hexagons now! There will be more soon too!

Maxine D said...


CarlavdM said...

Wonderfull bunch of cards Michael.
Did I read it right...PANDA STAMPS??? How awesome....they are my favorite bears and we now have 2 here in a zoo in Holland.

Hetty said...

Love all your geometrical designs, they are so versetile!
Wonderful samples and looking forward to see your panda design!