Monday, July 27, 2009

Summertime Spinner

Here's an easy summer card. Even if you don't have all the supplies for this one, you can substitute with whatever you have and get a similar effect.

Summertime Spinner Card


Cardstock in shades of yellow and orange
MSRS mini flower stamp
Gold embossing powder
Heat tool
Pigment inkpad
Circle hole punches (2” and 2 ½”)
Gluestick or liquid glue
“bling” (peal off stickers or glitter glue)
Paper cutter


Using a paper cutter, cut a piece of yellow cardstock to measure 10” x 5”
Fold in half to make a 5” square card
Cut a piece of Orange cardstock to slightly smaller that 5” x 5”
Stamp and emboss 5 mini flowers onto a variety of yellow and orange cardstock
Punch out all five flowers using the 2” round punch.
Punch a hole using the 2 ½” punch in the lower right front of the card.
Punch a hole in the lower right corner of the slightly smaller than 5”x5”orange square and set aside (this will be your liner)
Cover the back of one of the punched out circles with glue
Lay a 4” piece of thread down the middle of the glued surface with the extra thread protruding evenly from the top and bottom
Glue the back of another circle (different color than the first one) and place it on top of the first circle, sandwiching the thread between the circles (make sure the thread is centered)
Open the card and lay it flat
Glue around the circle opening on the inside of the card
Lay the sandwiched circle in the middle of the opening with the protruding threads at the top and bottom.
Glue the liner and place it inside the card so that the openings are aligned.
Press into place to secure the thread.
Trim any excess thread away.
Add bling and spin away!

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