Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swinging Stars


Here's a card using my mini triangle stamp. Triangles are fun to play with. You can combine them into lots of different shapes. These are equilateral triangles. If they were isosceles triangles, combining them the same way as I did on the card would result in a different shape. I combined these into two star shapes and linked them together. You can see from the picture one is stationary and one is loose. Here's how to make it:

MSRS mini triangle
Silver cardstock
Black cardstock
Silver embossing powder
Pigment inkpad
craft knife
cutting mat

Stamp and emboss 12 triangles onto silver cardstock. Cut the triangles out. Glue one triangle on to the black cardstock like a pyramid. Glue the next triangle, point down, half way down the left side of the "pyramid". Glue the next four triangle in place in the same manner until you have a complete star with a hexagonal center. Using a craft knife, carefully cut the star out including the hexagonal center. Repeat these steps to make a second star. Cut through the second star between two triangles and link it to the first star. Use a little piece of tape to close the opening you cut. Mount one star onto whatever cardstock you like and allow the lower star to swing. Enjoy!
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Daria said...

This is beautiful. So elegant.

Thank you for the tutorial.