Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heavy Metal Card Winners

Here are the winning entries in the Heavy Metal card challenge. This month there are two artists who have won previously along with an artist who has won with her first submitted card! From left to right they are Brooke Bassett, Brigit Edblom and Candy French.

Brooke Bassett USA (previous "bleach card" winner)
Brooke's card is like a little work of folk art. I love that pop-top flower with the casual ribbon stem and even more casual paisley leaves. This card would bring a smile to anyone's face. My only question is where did those fantastic green pop-tops come from? Well done Brooke!

Birgit Edblom Sweden (previous "squared away" winner)
Brigit has meticulously crafted a lovely still life of little tin apples in a bowl. They are perfection! The homey color palette and gingham frame is just right. Well done Birgit!

Candy French USA (first time winner!)
Candy has designed a floral symphony in metal! The bold background color and the rustic copper frame are the perfect accompaniment to the gorgeous embossed flower in the center. I want to learn how she achieved that color effect because it is stunning. Well done Candy!
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