Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New (green) Year!


Hi Everyone,

Here's a card to start 2009 off on a green note. Over at EnjoyMichaelStrongstamps Yahoo group we're finishing up our latest card challenge. Each card must have an element that you would normally throw away. Can you guess what I used? I hope we can all be a little "greener" in 2009!

All the best,

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Hello Everyone,

Here's a picture of what Carla did today. A counter full of delectible Christmas cookies lovingly made for our Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow. Of course I had to test each kind!

We want to wish each and everyone a Joyous Christmas and the happiest New Year ever!

Love to you all from The Strong Family
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Life of the Party


Here's my office mate wearing a lampshade! It's a little chilly today so Stella likes to sit under the lamp and catnap. I disturbed her taking the picture and she wasn't too happy about it.
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Hi Everybody,

You can see what we will be doing this weekend, making our Christmas cards! All the pieces are ready to be put together and mailed. This is a happy chore we love to share. We wish you all the happiest holidays ever!

Mike & Carla
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Carol Duvall Holiday Workshops

Happy Holidays everyone,

HGTV is running Carol's Holiday Workshops again this year. They were the most fun shows to do because of the live audience. If you would like to take a look at my projects go here:,1806,HGTV_3822_35381,00.html or here:,1806,HGTV_3822_27368,00.html

Monday, December 1, 2008

Challenge #3

EnjoyMichaelStrongstamps Yahoo Group card Challenge #3

Express this theme: Happy Green Year!
Design a card using any MSRS you may own. Make a happy New Year card in shades of green, (other colors may be added if you wish). The only other restriction is that a component of the entry must be something you would normally throw away. Be creative and think outside the trash can! Let’s start the new year thinking about being kinder to mother earth!

The deadline for this challenge is Jan. 3, 2009. Three winners will receive a swell prize. Good luck!

Squared Away winners

Thanks to all who participated in this challenge. Special thanks to the three talented ladies represented left to right below: Kathie McGuire, Birgit Edblom & Tammy Joyce.

Tammy Joyce
This is my favorite nostalgic entry. Tammy’s card evokes a memory of a time gone by. Before we had access to today’s wonderful array of craft supplies, we made things with what we had around the house. Tammy’s card has a delightfully cheery homemade quality, which I love. Well done Tammy!

Birgit Edblom
This gorgeous card in cool shades of blue and white is my favorite composition in the group. Its simple look employs many sophisticated design principles. Notice how Birgit placed the flower on a plain blue background, which is counterbalanced by the four striped panels on the left. She also did a neat balancing act with the two different kinds of ribbon. Finally, the understated use of one triangular piece in the upper right guides the eye back to the heart of the composition, the subtly embellished flower. Well Done Birgit!

Kathie McGuire
This is two in a row for Kathie. The sheer exuberance of this card made me laugh out loud. Just look at those little butterflies escaping the pot. What a fun card this is! Once again, Kathie’s workmanship is impeccable. It’s not easy giving a static medium spontaneity but she has. Well done Kathie!

Squared Away winners!

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