Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Simple Paper Beads

One of the cards we're making in my Japanese Design ZOOM class on July 25 has a bead  accent detail. These are simple to make and add a lot of interest to a card. Here's how to make them:

Simple Paper Beads

Scrap paper
Wooden Skewer


Cut a scrap of paper into a long triangle (the one in the picture is 3 ½” x 1”). .Depending on the size of bead you want, this measurement is adjustable.

Lay a wooden skewer on top of the wide side of the cut paper triangle with the decorative side of the paper down.

Start rolling the paper tightly onto the skewer between your finger and thumb.

When you get to within a ½ inch of the end, dab some liquid glue on the paper and continue rolling until the pointed part is firmly attached to the “bead”.

Slide the bead off the skewer and allow it to dry.  

If you are using the bead as an accent as seen on my finished card, put a small drop of glue in one end of the bead and insert a piece of thread. Let it dry before using.