Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Time!

It looks like that little favor box template will come in handy soon. Our daughter Amanda got engaged last night. Her Fiance Max is the perfect guy for her and we couldn't be happier!
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Colorful Octagon Cards

Here's are three variations of one of the cards we'll be making in my workshops this week. I'm calling the class "Eight Is Enough". The stamps will be available on my website catalog sometime this week too.
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Triangle Favor Box

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Triangle Favor Box

Here’s a little favor box I designed to fit my Cloisonné Triangle stamp set. It’s a simple box to make and decorate any way you want. This would make a perfect favor box for an engagement party, shower or wedding dinner. Enjoy!

Triangle Favor Box


MSRS Triangle set
Pale pink cardstock
Pink cardstock
Pink ribbon
White embossing powder
Versamark inkpad (or any pigment inkpad)
Heat tool
Glue (stick, liquid or tape runner)


Copy the box template on to pale pink cardstock. Cut the template out and score on all the dotted lines. Fold the scored lines so that all the printed lines will be inside the box.
Apply glue to the outside of tab A and tab B. Fold them in to attach to the corresponding A & B on the adjacent rectangular panel. Press the tabs tightly to form the box.
Fold in the other two tabs (do not glue) and fold up the flap with the tab on the end. Fit the tab inside the box to close.
Stamp and emboss two large triangles and one small triangle using white embossing powder, pigment ink and the heat tool on to the pink cardstock. Cut out each triangle. Glue the large triangles to each side of the box as shown. Attach a length of pink ribbon to the bottom of the box with a little glue. Secure the ribbon by attaching the small triangle over the ribbon as shown. Pull up the ribbon on either side of the box and tie it with a bow at the top.

bottom of favor box

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Favor Box template

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chinese New Year Card

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Happy New Year Firecracker Card

Hi everybody,
Chinese New Year is February 14. Here's a fun card to celebrate the year of the tiger. Firecrackers are a big part of the festivities. Now you can make some too! Sorry, no crackle in these firecrackers but they fun to make and fun to give! Enjoy!


Cardstock (red, black, matallic gold)
Washi paper (or lightweight wrapping paper)
Plastic straws
Lightweight wall spackle
Straight pins
Red thread
White glue
Gold metallic marker
Paper cutter
Hole punch


Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut plastic straws into ten 1 ½” lengths.
Fill each straw piece with the lightweight spackling material by putting a small amount on your finger and pressing it into the straw until it starts to come out the other end as shown. Wipe away any excess spackle and allow to dry and harden (this usually takes about ½ hour).
Cut 1” squares of Washi paper or lightweight wrapping paper. Cover the backs with glue and tightly roll the paper onto the center of each of the straw pieces.
Use a gold metallic marker to color the ends of the straws as shown.
Cut five lengths of red thread. Make each one approximately 1 ½” longer than the preceding one. Tie two straight pins (one either end) to each length of thread as shown.
Press the threaded pins into the filled straws so that there is a “firecracker” attached to each end of the thread. Use a little white glue to secure the pins. Allow the glue to dry.

For my card, I printed out the Chinese characters for Happy New Year on red cardstock, framed it in black and attached it over the bunch of firecrackers. The Firecrackers are threaded through a hole in the gold background paper and taped to the reverse side. The Happy New Year sign covers the hole.

Happy New Year!

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Firecracker card materials & steps




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Firecracker card steps




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Firecracker card steps




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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blog Candy winners!

Hi everybody,
We assigned each person a number from 1-88 corresponding to the list of commenters on the "Sneak Preview" entry. Here are the winners chosen at random right after the Super Bowl. Congratulations to Joyce Spear from Columbus Ohio, Elise Klug from San Diego California and Gayle Taylor from parts unknown. Each of you will receive a set of my new Octagon stamps hot off the vulcanizer!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pocket card winners!

Here are the winning entries in the January 2010 card challenge. They are from left to right Carole Meisenhelter, Gwen Jaeger and Heidi Wegman.

Carole Meisterhelter, NSW Australia
Spring is definitely in the air on Carole's card! Just pick a poesy from the little blue pot with double pockets. This card is just so cheerful you can't help but smile when you see it. I love the way Carole colored the flowers and added the center pop of sparkle to each one. Well done Carole!

Gwen Jaeger, Illinois USA
Exuberant is the word for Gwen's card! She picked just the right paper to make the pockets. The sprightly paisleys are a blast from the past when everything and everyone was covered in the colorful little amoebas. Pull out a bookmark and hook it to the pages of a good book from the age of Aquarius. Well done Gwen!

Heidi Wegman, Ottawa Canada
What can I say about this clever entry from our friend Heidi. Her card says "smile" and we do so automatically. Heidi has fashioned a mother Kangaroo from several MSRS and then duplicated it using the mini versions to make the little joey who has hopped out of her pocket to wave hello. Well done Heidi for the second time in a row!
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