Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A tricky pop up card with hinge

How to make a Hinge card:

At the Great Yosemite Stamp Escape this year one of the participants gave me a great folded ATC with the coolest pop up I've ever seen. I adapted it for my card making classes. The little mechanism for making it work is a bit tricky so here are some step by step pictures to help you make it yourself. The top photo shows the card in the open position. The bottom photo is the closed card. I simple added the ATC to the front of a card body. After scoring and folding the hinge you will see there are two triangular sections in the middle of the hinge (see picture with the hinge resting on a gluestick). Those two sections are where you add adhesive to stick it to the folded ATC Open and lay it flat. Attach the hinge right over the fold with half of the hinge on the bottom of the fold and half of the hinge on the top of the fold.of the ATC fold. Press firmly to adhere the hinge to the ATC. Open and close the ATC a few times to make sure the hinge is sticking. In my card there are four 1 1/2" squares taped together on the reverse side. I added one photo to the front of each square. To attach the 4 paneled piece to the hinge, lay the ATC open with the hinge flat.. Add  about a 1/2" piece of double sided tape to the bottom left side of the hinge and the upper right side of the hinge. Lay the four panel piece on top of the hinge and press flat. Now carefully close the ATC. The little squares will collapse one on top of the other to lay flat.