Thursday, July 26, 2018

Nesting Hexagon Boxes

I haven't posted a project for a while and I had some free time this week to prepare the instructions and step by step photos for my nesting hexagon boxes. This project is based on my Cloisonné Hexagon stamp which is available in the catalog. Have fun!

Nesting Hexagon Boxes
Hexagon template (print out)
Cardstock in two colors (65lb. recommended)


Print out the Hexagon template provided. Print on two different colors of cardstock.
(there are 3 different sized box sets on the template).
Choose the size you want and cut out one of each color plus a box topper (see picture)
Cut out each box around the perimeter and cut out the topper.
Cut thru each of the two colored Hexagons between the 6 trapezoid shapes.  Stop cutting when you reach the center Hexagon (see picture with arrow indicating where to stop cutting)
This is the most important step:
Crease each of the six trapezoid shapes on the LID (yellow) where indicated in the picture.
Crease each of the six trapezoid shapes on the BOX BOTTOM (green) where indicated in the picture.
Note: This will make the top (yellow) bigger in circumference than the bottom (green) and allow the top to fit snugly over the bottom of the box.
To make the box top, apply glue to all the heart shaped triangles as shown in the picture. Lay the adjacent section on top of the glued triangle and press it into place making sure to align it as shown in the picture. Do the same with the bottom of the box.
Note: if you need to, snip off any little pieces that protrude over the rim of each box.
Glue the star topper to the lid of the box and apply a jewel to the center of the star.
Put the lid on the box (it will be snug)
Note: the three sizes of boxes will nest together.

                                                        Hexagon Box Template in 3 sizes
                                                           (you may have to resize these)