Monday, August 31, 2009

Paper Lantern



Black cardstock
White vellum (or any color vellum you wish to use)
Score-It paper scoring tool (or you can use a ruler and bone folder)
Paper cutter
Two sided tape
1 ½” circle punch
Michael Strong Rubber Stamp (your choice)

Cut a 3 ½” x 8 ½” piece from white vellum.
Cut a 1 ½” x 8 ½” piece from the black cardstock.
Using the Scor-It, make a score line at ½” from the left side of the vellum. From that score line, score again at 2”.Moving to the right, do this two more time until you have 4 equal panels measuring 2” x 3 ½”. When finished you will have 4 panels the same size (2” wide by 3 ½” tall) plus a ½” x 3 ½” tab on the left side of the vellum.
Repeat this same scoring procedure with the strip of black cardstock.
Fold on all score lines on the vellum and the cardstock. Set the vellum aside.
Using a 1 ½” circle punch, make four “arches” in the four 2” x 1 ½ ” panels of the black cardstock. To do this, hold the punch so you can see the opening. Slide the first 2” section of cardstock approximately half way down into the punch. Make sure the punch is centered side to side. Squeeze the punch. This will make a half circle opening. Repeat this with the other three sections. This will be the lantern base. If you do not have a punch, trace half circles onto the cardstock and use scissors to cut out the arches.
Flatten out the black cardstock lantern base and lay a length of two-sided tape along the inside flat top of the base. (You can see this in the picture). Lay the bottom edge of the vellum along the tape and press to secure, making sure the two ½” tabs are on the same side. Lay another length of tape along the inside of the vellum/cardstock tab. Fold to make a square shaped lantern pressing the taped tab along the inside edge of the other end. Decorate to your hearts content and remember never leave an unattended candle burning. It is strongly recommended you use an electric votive candle with this project.

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