Monday, August 17, 2009

Recycling again

I haven't shared a recycling project in a while and this one is very easy and fun. We had a backyard barbecue last night to break in my new grill (which is awesome!) We had tealight candles on the table (they come in bags of 100 from Ikea). After the wax has burned away you are left with little aluminium cups. Save them and recycle them! As you can see from the picture, they make really pretty, quick and easy embellishments for cards. Here's what I did.

Tealight cups
Cuttlebug embossing machine or similar
Paisley embossing folder or similar
Alcohol inks
Tim Holtz' alcohol ink applicator (or cotton ball)

Make sure the little aluminium cup has no residual wax. After they are used, any bits of cooled wax come right out.
With scissors, cut slits in the sides of the cup evenly all around.
Flatten the cup to make a sunburst or flower.
Send the sunburst through the Cuttlebug inside the embossing folder.
Remove it from the folder and apply what ever alcohol ink you like to the sunburst
Now it's ready to decorate a card. As you can see from my example I cut eight slits in the cup but you can cut more or less for different effects.
Have fun!

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