Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Down Time

Hey everybody,

I just thought I'd check in and let you know what's happening. Somehow I scheduled 9 days in a row without a class or a road trip or a convention somewhere. So here's how I spent my downtime so far: Went to Adrian's graduation party. Adrian is my future daughter-in-law Kerry's brother who graduated from San Diego State University. He'll be a trainer intern with the Kansas City Chiefs during training camp. Hooray for Adrian! Organized my stacks of mixed up cardstock. This took me all day Sunday! It was actually fun and relaxing. Sorting and putting each color into it's own drawer was very satisfiying. My daughter Amanda gives it a month until they're all hopelessly mixed up again. Went to the movies. Carla and I actually went out to see a movie instead of popping in a Netflix DVD! I want to recommend that you run to see "Young At Heart" if it comes to your town. This is such an inspiring, funny and touching movie. It's about a group of rock & roll singers preparing for a concert. The singers range in age from 74 to 92. They are my heroes!!
Today, Stella (our cat) and I stayed upstairs while we had new kitchen countertops installed downstairs. I got to play on the computer designing a new print ad for Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine (September issue-look for it!). I also got to play Tetris, Yea! my favorite game, until my wrist started to hurt, Boo! Now Carla and I are about to go out for Mexican food. I love downtime.


4nancie said...

Hey Mike Glad your enjoying your Down Time. Cant wait to see what you come up with Next
Nancie in Seattle

Kateri said...

glad you had some great downtime. wasn't young at heart fabulous?? they all are from my hometown in massachusetts.