Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Design guides

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted you to know that all my TVWeekly shows are on my website for you to view. Go to the Gallery and scroll down until you come to the episode you want to watch. You can also print out the design guides right from my website. Have fun!


Damjana Ž. said...

Thank you! We were waiting for them :)

Joyce ( Gingerbread Girl) said...

Thank you Michael! After searching I found your site and boy am I glad you have your videos and the design guides! I am thrilled! I feel badly that TV weekly is no longer doing videos. Hope you are well and prosperous.

Candy said...

I took a class with you a year ago while in CA and I told my friends how "familiar" your name sounded. They informed me that I watch you on CraftTVWeekly (what a bummer it is gone along with my archived shows and design guides). Thank you for putting yours on your site. I really felt left out in the cold there.