Monday, August 3, 2009

Weathered Copper Background

Here's an easy and fun way to make card backgrounds with the look of weathered copper.

Copper embossing powder
Turquoise embossing powder (many shades of green will work such as jade or mint)
White cardstock
Pigment ink (Versamark or similar)
Heat tool


Apply pigment ink directly from the pad onto the white cardstock, covering the whole piece.
Sprinkle on copper embossing powder and heat with the heat tool until shiny.
Reheat a small section of the embossed cardstock and sprinkle a little of the green embossing powder onto the hot spot. The green powder will stick to the hot surface. (Use you fingers to pinch the green powder)
Repeat section by section until there is a random patina pattern over the whole piece.
The large piece can now be cut up into smaller pieces and used as background.

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Daria said...

Thank you for the tutorial. This does look easy, and it's so beautiful.