Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Easy Poinsettias

Here's an easy way to make dramatic paper Poinsettias to decorate cards, napkin rings or your Christmas tree. If you are ambitious, a garland of them would look amazing!


Red cardstock
MSRS Leaf stamps
Dye inkpad (dark red or similar)
Dye inkpad or marker (yellow)
Dye inkpad (black)
White glue
Paper towels


Use the fall leaf bleaching method to make a random bleach marks on the red cardstock.
Rub some dark red ink directly from the pad in several spots over the bleached paper.
Turn the cardstock over and stamp the non-bleached side with the leaf stamps.
Cut out the leaves and arrange six of them on a punched out circle of cardstock (I used a flower punch) as shown.
Turn the six-petal flower over and glue six more leaves to the back between the front leaves.
Ink a small piece of paper towel with the yellow pad or marker. Pinch off seven fingernail size pieces and put a small dab of white glue on each one. Roll them in the palm of your hand until you have seven tiny balls. Arrange them in a circle in the middle of the flower as shown.

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