Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snowflake card winners!

Here are the winning entries in the December card challenge. If you remember, the only requirement was to include a folded paper snowflake. They are from left to right, Donna Schaffer, Heidi Wegman and Carla van der Mei.

Donna Schaffer - USA
Donna was kind enough to share her techniques for making her card with us. I'm sure it is much more sparkly in person! The beautiful background with it's flourishes and swirls is the perfect platform for the intricate snowflake. Well done Donna!

Heidi Wegman - Canada
Heidi's adorable interactive card was a big hit around here! What could the little penguin be clutching in his flippers? Four different little snowflakes, that's what. So cute and so beautifully executed. Well done Heidi!

Carla van der Mei - Netherlands
Carla's used several techniques to create this lovely entry. The sanded (inked?) embossed snowflake background paper has been torn around the edges to expose the inner color of the paper. The perfect little snowflakes are falling around the stylized tree to create a casual but elegant composition. Well done Carla!
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