Sunday, September 19, 2010

Box of Flowers

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Box of White Flowers
You may recognize the shape of the box on the card. It’s a repurposed and resized fast food french fry box. I’ve always liked the shape of this box so I disassembled it and made a box template from it. Who knew it could look so elegant! Enjoy.
Box template
White cardstock (3 sheets)
White glue
Pop dots or dimensional foam tape
Flower punches
White Pearl Pen
MSRS mini dragonfly
Versamark inkpad (or similar)
Glacier White embossing powder
Translucent vellum paper
Heat tool


Cut a sheet of 8 ½” x 11” cardstock in half to yield two 5 ½” x 4 ¼” folded cards, set aside.
Print out the box template onto another sheet of white cardstock. In order to fit the card size the template should be approximately 4 ½” tall by 3” wide before cutting and folding.
Cut out the template on all the solid lines. Score on all the dotted lines. Crease all the scored lines and fold to form the box. Glue the two side flaps on the concave side of the box inside the two flaps on the convex side. Press and hold until secure. Set box aside to dry.

To make the bouquet stems, cut a piece of white cardstock to measure 1 ½” x 6”. Fold it in half to make a 3” x 1 ½” folded piece as shown. Using scissors, cut through the folded cardstock to form “stems”. Be sure to cut through both sides of the folded piece from the open side down to about ½” from the folded end as shown. Trim down every other stem on one side of the folded piece. Trim the second side in the same way. This time make the stems shorter than the ones behind.
Punch approximately one flower for every stem from the reserved white cardstock. To give the flowers dimension, place one flower in the palm of your hand and press the center with the cap of the pearl pen. Repeat with all the flowers. Glue the flowers to the stems to form a bouquet.
Put pop dots or foam tape on the inside back of the box as shown. Slide the bouquet into the box and press to adhere to the tape. Add one or more framing pieces to the front of the card. Attach the box of flowers to the frame with glue or double-sided tape. Add flower centers with the white Pearl Pen. Stamp and emboss the mini dragonfly onto vellum. Cut out and glue it to the box.


Daria said...

Your card is beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial.

4nancie said...

Love it! Your so Creativity still amazes me!

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

ya know I have often thought the same thing about that box. It really does have a nice shape to it. Thanks for the template. I love the card. It is a very classy looking card