Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet Thank You Candy Tray


Here's a super simple project for anyone needing a lot of party favors. Carla and I made 200 of these today for our daughter's wedding reception. We used the same cardstock her wedding invitations were made from. Her colors are purple and silver, so we used the Hershey Kisses in those colors - perfect!


Cardstock (for tray)
Cardstock for mat)
Cardstock (for printed text insert)
Contrasting cardstock for punching
Paper cutter
Scoring tool
Heart punch
Glue stick

Using your own computer and printer, print the message of your choice. Copy and paste the
message to fill the page. Be sure to use a font size small enough to fit within
a 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square. (I was able to fit 12 messages onto one sheet of cardstock). Set aside.
Cut as many 2 3/4" squares as you need. These will be the trays.
Cut the cardstock mats into 1 3/4" squares.
Using a scoring tool, score the the trays at 1/2" on all four sides.
Cut away the small squares at each corner and fold the sides up to form a tray.
Glue in the mat.
Trim the massages to 1 1/2" square. Glue the message to the mat.
Punch as many decorative shapes from the contrasting cardstock as needed for each tray.
I used one small heart for each tray.
Glue the punched design to the inside of the tray as shown.
Add candy and enjoy!
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Cheryl Mixon said...

These are really cute! Thanks for sharing!

Capescrapper said...

I agree with Cheryl!! So cute and I love how fast and easy they are!
By the way, love the color scheme of the wedding!
So pretty!

Dorothy said...

Happy Wedding day Amanda and Max. I wish you both the best that life has to offer!

Cheers, Dot