Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Carolers

Remember bread dough ornaments? Made these little guys the year our daughter was born in 1979. Still goofy but holding up well - like me!
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Katje said...

Those are wonderful ornaments! And, just like you, bright & cheery!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I remember working with bread dough but my time was 1964/65
Unfortunately the humidity of Bermuda--well my efforts didn't hold up. Your ornaments have so much character they are a treasure.
Thanks for sharing. Reva

Miranda said...

oh, what a cute ones. good idea for the x-mas holiday vacation with my kids. anyone a good recipe?

Hetty said...

link for some recipies!

Lovely ornament, Mike and I hope it will stay as lovely for many many years, just like you!

Laura said...

Ah, bread dough ornaments. I remember making something like that but no where near as cool as your wonderful carolers! Mine decomposed. :-\