Saturday, January 24, 2015

Computer tutorial :Changing the look of your images using Picasa3 from Google

Here’s how I made the black on white left facing goat into a right facing white on black goat.

 I have an HP all in one printer/scanner.
I printed the image and placed it on the flatbed scanner.
I opened my Picasa3 program (free from Google).
I clicked on the “import” button in the upper left corner. A new window will pop up asking you to choose from where to import the image. I click on the drop down menu and find my HP 7520 series device. Click on the button that identifies your devise.
You will see several options for scanning.
I choose “Black and white picture or text” and press the Scan button.
Once the scanned image appears on the screen, click the “import Selected” button.
The newly scanned image will appear in a new file with the current date (at this time you may right click on the date and edit the file description, I just add “Chinese Goat” to the file name for easy retrieval later.
Double click on the goat. It will appear on the page where you can do all sorts of fun things to the image. If you need to, you can rotate the image by clicking the little rotation arrows right under the thin blue bar below the goat.
To reverse the direction the goat is facing, press the ctrl the shift and H keys at the same time.
To reverse the colors, click on the little tab with a small paintbrush with the green square behind it. You will see 12 options. Click the one called “invert colors” it will instantly change. Remember, you can undo any changes you make by clicking the “undo” button,
At the bottom of the screen, press the print button. On this page you will be able to choose the size of the goat and the number of images to print at the same time.

Have fun and experiment with all the cool effects you can get using this free program.

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