Monday, December 2, 2019

Manila Envelope Folio

Here's a fun and easy (really!) little photo folio that would make a great gift.

(For mine I used 6 1/2"  X  9 1/2" envelopes, sometimes called catalog envelopes)
6 envelopes (5 for the folio and 1 for a little pocket sleeve)
1 sleeve (the sleeve is cut from the bottom of one of the envelopes to measure 6 1/2" x 2 1/4"
20 pieces of decorative paper trimmed to fit each of the pages of the folio (for mine I used 20 sheets of paper cut from a 12 x 12 stack of Christmas scrapbooking paper to measure 6 1/4" x  4 1/2" each.
2 pieces of decorative paper measuring 6" x 2" to cover the front and back of the sleeve.
extra strength glue stick or similar

Lay the first envelopes on the work surface with the flap open.
Apply glue to the flap of a second envelope (the glue goes on the top of the flap, not on the pre-glued underside)
Lay the second envelope on top of the first envelope and make sure it is aligned snugly top to bottom and side to side.
Press down the first flap onto the glued flap of the second envelope and press firmly.
Apply glue to the flap of the third envelope as before and align it on top of the second envelope as you did before.
Press down firmly on all the flaps to seal.
Repeat this procedure until all the envelopes have been glued together.

Fold the second envelope in half so that the bottom of the envelope meets the front flap. Press to flatten the envelope so it becomes the first "page" of the folio. (see photo)
Open the folded page to allow you to fold the next envelope in the same way.
Continue opening each page and folding the next envelope until all pages are folded and flattened.
Cover each page including the back with your precut decorative papers. (be sure to glue the decorative papers well especially at the 4 corners.
Your basic folio is now complete!

NOTE: You may add decorative photo mats, pockets or gift card holders to any page to personalize your folio as a gift. just remember if you are cutting an opening in an open-folded page, slip a cutting mat into the pocket FIRST so that you will only cut through one page. Have fun!


Hetty said...

Great idea for December gifts! Thank you Mike for the tutorial!

LUCYG said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Too much fun --different way of using scraps of decorative papers. Great tutorial! Thank you. Reva