Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Card Challenge #3 winners!


Hi Everyone,

Here are your Happy New "Green" Year card challenge winners. From top to bottom they are Ron Perry, Mary Langler and Inge Postma. Thanks to all who participated in this challenge. We received 20 entries and as usual, you all outdid yourselves! It was not an easy challenge and it was not easy picking the winners.

Ron Perry
Thanks for your spare and elegant card. I think there are two throw-aways on this card. One was easy to identify and the other one I'm still guessing about. Though simple in design, the amount of work Ron did on his entry is prodigious. 10 small triangles stamped, embossed and cut out then perfectly glued to a gold background piece must have taken a fair amount of time. The triangles paired with the gold medallion threaded onto a green ribbon makes a classically formal composition. The formality is cleverly relieved by the little bunches of leaves and the mesh accent. In case you didn't know it, Ron saved the mesh bag his Thanksgiving turkey came in just so he could add a little of it to his cards. I can't quite figure out what the medallion is made from but it's perfect for this card. Well done Ron!

Mary Langler
Wow Mary! What a card. You are someone who is not afraid to think outside the box or in this case, the pot! This entry literally explodes with excitment and fun. Look how artfully the pot has been cut up to look like it has broken into four pieces. The assemblage of items exploding out of the broken pot gives the composition an astonishing vitality. Mary's entry was accompanied by a thoughful funny poem. Well Done Mary!

Inge Postma
Inge, your entry is charming and surprising and it has the sweetest new year message: Love & Peace for All. The little love birds in the grass are perfect expressions of your theme. The surprising part is the way you took my butterfly wings and re-purposed them to express your message. This card is also beautifully colored. The subtle greens futher enhance your message. Well done Inge!
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