Friday, May 1, 2009

Springtime in........ The winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our latest card challenge at enjoymichaelstrongstamps yahoo group. Every one's a gem!

Barbara Cooke
Springtime in Hollywood
Barbara played this one for laughs and I love it! The photo does not do justice to her work. (She was kind enough to send the original to me!) There are lots of fantastic elements in this composition. The “walk of fame” is composed of beautifully made shrink plastic stars. The Hollywood hills are in springtime bloom with very pretty three-dimensional flowers. The best part is well known to residents of Southern California. Look out below, EARTHQUAKE!!! Here come the Hollywood sign tumbling right into our hands. Well done Barbara!

Marie-Jose Boumans
Springtime in The Netherlands
Marie-Jose’s entry came at the end of the challenge period and it was well worth the wait! Can you see how many MSRS she used? I count five! The colors are lovely and her composition is classically balanced and very Spring-y. Well done Marie-Jose.

Heidi Wegman
Springtime in Ottawa
Just under the deadline wire comes our third winner from Canada. Is there a better symbol of Springtime than the Daffodil? They come up through the snow announcing the end of winter in her hometown. I hope Heidi will share her technique for making such pretty realistic flowers. This card is so charming and playful. Well done Heidi!

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