Wednesday, May 27, 2009





Oh Canada! What fun we had. Carla and I were in Victoria BC for the last few days. I got to teach some classes at a GREAT rubber stamp and paper crafts store called Stampers! owned and operated by Ann & Steve. Go to their website ( and see their fantastic gallery. We "packed em in" as they say with three full classes on Saturday and two more on Sunday. Canadian crafters as SO nice! We had a ball. Carla and my cousins from Seattle toured the beautiful city while I played at the store. Thanks Ann & Steve for ordering up the beautiful weather for us. Let's do it again soon!
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S@ski@ said...

In the 1980's my parents were trying to find a way to move to Victoria Island, now I wish they succeeded, now I'm stuck here....yuck. Can't they open a store like that over here? It looks great!