Monday, June 1, 2009

Gina, Cary & Heidi

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I’m very happy to announce the winners of the “Any Shape/Any Size” card challenge. Here they are!

Gina Guertin Minnesota USA (left)

Gina’s card is a great example of how pretty an engineered card can be. My guess is that there are five components: four panels and the suspended jewel. This card invites touch! I wanted to spin that ruby in the center! In evaluating this card we called the shape X and the execution flawless! Well done Gina!

Cary Buckham West Sussex UK (top right)

It seems that spring is still springing at Cary’s house! It’s hard to tell from the picture but all the components of this card are attached to a clear plastic base which can be folded flat for mailing. As with Gina’s card, I could tell right away this card could stand up on it’s own, a requirement for this challenge. Not only is it well made, it’s pretty and cheerful! The element of the gecko sniffing the flowers adds to the charm of this clever entry. Well done Cary!

Heidi Wegman Ottawa Canada (lower right)

Practical Heidi killed two birds with one stone (sorry penguin) with this entry. She used it in the Welcome 300th member challenge too. Check out those piercing blue eyes and the perfectly placed wings! Heidi made the little bird from two Cloisonné Eggs hinged at the top of his head so he could stand on his own. He is a grand little bird. Well done Heidi!

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