Thursday, June 18, 2009

A little gloom is a good thing

I taught my last classes in June on Wednesday with no more classes scheduled until July 6. Don't get me wrong, teaching classes is the very best part of my job and I love doing it's nice to have a little down time. Here in San Diego we have something called June Gloom. June is cloudy here, not much sun which disappoints the tourists. We natives relish the gloom because we have SO much sunshine it's a nice change. I'll be out in the gloom tomorrow planting our annual tomato crop. Is there anything tastier than a home grown tomato? I think I'll put in some Basil too, thinking ahead to fresh tomato/mozzarella/basil salad in a month or two, oh boy. A little gloom is a good thing!


mbdesigns said...

We have already enjoyed several tomatoes from our crop this year. I agree, homegrown are the best.

Daria said...

I was thinking that it was too late to put in my tomatoes. Spring just flew by this year. Now, I'm thinking of heading to the nursery tomorrow. I love home-grown tomatoes. Thanks.

Michael said...

We have tomato fever!!