Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Primrose Card

Walking through the Target garden center the other day I saw some bright Primroses for sale. I noticed the petals were heart-shaped. I thought I could make the flowers and leaves from cardstock and share with you how to do it. The resulting card also expresses the theme of our current card making challenge at EnjoyMichaelStrongStamps yahoo group which is to express the word "sweet" any way you wish. Here's how to make paper Primroses.

MSRS mini heart
Yellow cardstock
Scrap if black cardstock
Green cardstock
Watermark ink pad (Versamark or similar)
Dye ink pads (red & yellow)
stipple brushes
double-sided tape
glue (optional)

Stamp the mini heart five time using the watermark pad. (10 time if you want two flowers)
Carefully cut out each heart.
Use a stipple brush to add red ink to the top of each heart and a different stipple brush to add yellow to the bottom of each heart as shown. Note: To help intensify the color, I wrap the brushes tightly with rubber bands. This makes the brushes stiffer and easier to pinpoint where you want to put the ink.
Put a small piece of double-sided tape on the back of each petal as show. Attach the petals to the scrap of black cardstock as shown. Be sure to position the petals evenly. Each petal slightly overlaps the preceding one. Make sure a little of the black cardstock shows in the center. Cup the flower in the palm of your hand bending the petals up. This will make your flower look more natural.
Cut three leaves from the green cardstock. Tightly crumple each leaf as shown. Uncrumple each one, smooth them out and crease them down the center (This step helps mimic the texture of the natural Primrose leaf).
Attach the flower(s) and leaves on a card with double-sided tape or glue and add a message if you like. I used the Gigi font, 22 point size to make the Springtime message.
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