Monday, March 29, 2010

Bunny Garden card

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Here's the card I made with the 100 first graders of Lindo Park Elementary School last week. This is a great project for little ones! Bunny Garden Card

Cardstock (colors: white, light blue, dark brown, yellow, pink, lavender, light green)
MSRS Springtime Cameo
Versamark inkpad (or similar)
White embossing powder
Heat tool
White glue
Pink colored pencil
Plastic sandwich bags (3)
Orange jellybeans
Green pipe cleaner (cut into three 3” pieces)

Print out the bunny on white cardstock and trim to 3 ¾” x 2 ½”.
Make a 5 ½” x 5 ½” folder card from the blue cardstock.
Cut the dark brown cardstock to make a piece measuring 5 ½” x 3”. Fold this piece in half lengthwise. Punch 3 holes in one side of the folded brown cardstock.
Cut a 5 ½” x 2” piece of green cardstock. Use your scissors to make one side look like a rolling hill (as shown).
Stamp and emboss five different colors of cardstock with the Springtime Cameo stamp with the versamark pad and the white embossing powder.
Cut each cameo out to make five “eggs”.
Glue the brown folded/punched cardstock piece to the bottom of the folded blue card. Make sure the punched section looks like a movable flap (as shown).
Glue the “green hill” above the brown panel.
Glue the bunny picture above the hill and set the card aside.
Put a few orange jellybeans in one corner of a plastic sandwich bag and twist one of the pipe cleaners to secure. Cut the excess bag away just above the top of the pipe cleaner to form a “jellybean carrot”. Make two more “carrots”.
Feed the three pipe cleaner topped carrots up through holes punched in the brown panel at the bottom of your card. The pipe cleaner “leaves” will be above ground and the “jellybean carrots” will be below ground (as shown).
Color the bunny ear. Optional pom pom tail and wiggly eye may be added to finish the card. Enjoy!

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