Friday, April 2, 2010

Sweet card winners!

Hi everybody,

Here are the winners of the March card challenge. The idea was to express the word "sweet" any way you wish. Thanks to all who entered. I loved seeing all your creativity! From top to bottom, the winners are Carla van der Mei, Thea Hoekstra and Dorly Weitzen.

Carla - Netherlands
Sweet indeed! Carla cleverly made a chocolate bar from a piece of MSRS Paisley Party cardstock. It looks like she started to open it to take a bite. Maybe she put it down for us to savor while she went to answer the phone. Well done Carla!

Thea- Netherlands
Now we know that shopping is Thea's sweetest activity! Just look at those high-end shopping bags full of stamps, inks, papers etc. etc. Let's not overlook her designer dress, very chic! Well done Thea!

Dorly Weitzen - Israel
Happy Birthday to Dorly on April 1! Take a look at the birthday cake she made for herself and seven of her nearest and dearest. It looks delicious with the intricate icing and the dollops of chocolate. May I have a piece? Well done Dorly!
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Anonymous said...

Wow.....a winningcard... great news on a saturdaymorning and to see my card on this blog.
But...Michael I stamped the chocolate bar too with the paisley stamp.
Congratulations to Thea and Dorly too.