Friday, December 17, 2010

Hetty's Holiday parrots

My friend Hetty from The Netherlands sent me this picture. Every Winter when the snow comes, Hetty and Raymond put out peanuts for the birds. This year they have Parrots who have become permenent visitors!
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mbdesigns said...

Love those Ringnecks. But then, I love birds, especially parrots of any kind.

Carol said...

Hi Michael! It's Carol from Stampotique perusing blogs today. Came upon this picture of the Alexandrines and screamed out loud!
I live with a female Alexandrine and they are, by far, the sweetest of exotics EVER. Gorgeous picture; great colors. Best to you and Carla in 2011.

Linda Gilliam said...

Oh my word, are they wild there, I wouldn't think so beautiful , I have EIGHT parrots myself, all rescues and I ADORE them and all birds of any kind! Thanks for the great post Michael!

Linda W. said...

I live in Wisconsin, USA, and cannot believe parrots live in the snow! How awesome - here I am thrilled to see my cardinals enjoy peanuts, but if I could have parrots, I would be exhilirated! Thanks for the awesome photo!