Sunday, December 19, 2010

LED lights

We used LED lights on our tree this year - not sure if we like them because the light is different than what we had in the past - cool vs warm - the debate goes on.
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Beastybunny said...

I love my LED Christmas lights. My mom doesn't like hers. The strings she got had a lot of purple and blue making her tree very dark. The strands I got had a lot of bright colors and it just light sup the room. I think your tree looks great! Happy Holidays!

1922 Designs by bev allaire said...

it looks beautiful!
bev a

Jan Castle said...

All Christmas trees are beautiful...even the ones on our Christmas Tree Farm...of course our trees are 30-40 feet high now as we grow them to reforrest the area. They smell sooooooo like Christmas! Love them all!
Jan Castle

You and Me said...

The christmas lights are very eco friendly. It so important as we move toward the holidays and we’re putting up our lights that we are reminded of conserving energy.With the use of LED Lights we can save upto 75% lighting bills.

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jennifer said...

lovely tree. I love normal lights they sparkle, but I do have green LEDs on my tree and they have this certain subdued appearance that seem to glow. I am not sure which I prefer but will stick with the led since I am not sure where my old sets are ;-).

Lindy said...

I have an old set and a new set. I may be rebellious, I prefer the old. But this year used the new, because One Should. LOL Not tossing the old ones though, maybe next year I'll have two trees... how energy efficient is that?