Monday, March 14, 2011

Interlocking Frame Card

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My friend Michelle asked me to publish my Interlocking Frame Card we made in a workshop some time ago. So here it is. Enjoy!

Interlocking Frame Card

MSRS Mosaic Frame stamp
MSRS Cloisonné Medallions stamp
Black cardstock
Grey Cardstock
MSRS Constellation Swirl silver cardstock (or similar)
MSRS Silver Dollar embossing powder
Versamark inkpad (or similar)
Heat tool
Paper cutter
Circle punch (1 1/8”)
Double sided tape or glue
Craft knife
Cutting mat


Cut the black cardstock to 10”x 7” and fold in half. Fold the left and right edges of the card to the center fold line to make a cupboard fold card.
Cut the Grey cardstock slightly smaller than 5” x 7” and attach it to the inside back of the card.
Ink and stamp the Frame stamp and one of the small Cloisonné Medallion stamps onto the silver paper and heat to emboss.
Cut the frame stamp as shown in the picture using the paper cutter and the craft knife and scissors. Punch and cut out the circle as shown.
Attach the large frame just to the left side of the cupboard folded card using tape or glue. Be sure to apply adhesive only to the back of the frame where it comes in contact with the left panel of the card.
Align the small frame inside the large frame and attach it in the same manner as the large frame. This time, glue or tape it to the right side of the cupboard folded card.
Glue or tape the square with the embossed flower to the left side of the cupboard folded card as shown. Glue or tape the two half circles above and below the embossed flower square. Attach them to the right side of the card. Use scissors to cut out the smaller embossed flower and glue it on top of the flower in the square.

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This looks terrific!
Can't wait to try it!
Thank you!!!