Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love Card Challenge Winners!

Here are the winning cards in the February challenge at EnjoyMichaelStrongStamps Yahoo group. They are from Left, Jacquie Woolsey USA, Janet Castle USA and Lynda Jorgensen Cyprus. After the cards were chosen, we discovered that we must be in a blue mood because all the winners were in shades of blue - totally unplanned!

Jacquie Woolsey
Jacquie made a lovely traditional composition enlivened by the unusual color scheme. Her coloring technique is beautifully executed too. Well done Jacquie!

Janet Castle
Here is Janet's elegant intricate card. She made some precise cuts to the heart revealing the bejeweled layer beneath. The little sprinkle of tiny hearts lead to the perfect sentiment below. Well done Janet!

Lynda Jorgensen
Lynda presents us with a colorful pair of love birds. They are sweetly perched in a miniature tree. Such a charming card! Can you guess what stamp she used? Well done Lynda!
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1922 Designs by bev allaire said...

BEAUTIFUL! congrats everyone!

Capescrapper said...

Fabulous cards everyone and congrats!

Jan Castle said...

I'm soooooooooooo excited!!! I loved my aqua heart card and was happy I only had to send a picture - so I could look at it a while longer - LOL! Am delighted that others liked it too! Whoo Hoo!!!
Jan Castle

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