Sunday, April 24, 2011

"15" Card Challenge Winners!

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Thanks you for the great response to our "15" card challenge! We had the most number of participants of any challenge so far. Thanks also to Hetty for organizing the voting poll, she makes it so easy for us!
Here are the three artists who received the most votes for there work:
1. Inge Postma (minis in a grid)
2. Jenni Breel (squares & fans)
3. Joanna (sorry Joanna we don't know your last name)(Shrinky fans)
Well done ladies, I loved them all!
Each of you will receive a brand new set of stamps as your prize. This is a mystery prize because the stamps have not been released yet. The only ones who know what they are are me and Hetty and soon you three!
The set will be available soon at catalog in the "Whimsy" section.


CraftyJo said...

Whoopee, thank you Mike and thank you all for voting for my card. Congrats to Inge and Jenni also.

This was quite a difficult challenge but a lot of fun and I shall really look forward to my prize :)

Thanks again

Joanna (Mackintosh)

Jan Castle said...

This was a no-brainer!!!! These 3 were the best of the best!!!! You have a good eye there Mike - LOL! Sorry none were mine...but liked one of these so much I voted for it rather than mine! Yea Ladies...good job! Enjoy your surprise prize!!!
Jan Castle
P.S. You have to post something with the surprise - now don't you!
Jan Castle