Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mother In Law Tongue

I was asked to share how I made the Plant on the home page. Here is the simple technique for making the "Mother In Law Tongue"
Print out the template and copy it on to green cardstock.
Use a cream colored pencil to draw vertical lines across the front and back of each leaf. Rim each leaf with yellow pencil on the front and back.
Score, fold and twist each cut out leaf.
Combine several leaves together and attach to the back of my Cloissone Pot. Easy!


Jan Castle said...

Thanks Mike...I always enjoy your tutorials!!!!
Jan Castle

gaylemontayostudio said...

I know you Mike! I recognized your work! You did this on Carol Duvall show! I LOVE watching your videos!!! Kudos Mike!

Anonymous said...

Do you cut the stamps or do you just ink then "carefully"?
I have bought the Cloissone Pot and the Cloissone Vase, I am not quite sure what to do.